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2015 IAFI Special Recognition Awards


Each biennium, the International Association of Fish Inspectors honours individuals for career contributions to the professions of seafood inspection, science and technology and, related fields, in industry, academia, government, and/or related organizations. These awards are distributed to recipients during the World Seafood Congress, which is being held in Grimsby, United Kingdom, September 5 - 9, 2015.


Contributions may include but are not limited to: research achievements, as evidenced by publications, patents, and presentations; industry achievements, such as research management; innovative product, process or equipment development; inventions or patents; and achievements or enhancements in the application of safety and quality systems and, training and training development in any related professions.


If you wish to nominate an individual for consideration in receiving one of these awards, you are invited to submit a brief resume to the IAFI Awards Committee summarizing the most significant accomplishments of the individual and their contribution to the professions noted above.


All submissions must be available to the Awards Committee not later than August 10, 2015 and should be electronically sent to bjemberley@gmail.com .



John Emberley

Executive Director


The Seafood Training Academy is offering a range of training programmes at the World Seafood Congress in Grimsby, UK in September.

A leaflet giving full details is available <HERE>

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