IAFI represents the world fish inspection community helping them to provide fish, seafood and associated products that are safe, of acceptable quality and readily available for sale in the global marketplace. 

The Executive Committee of IAFI is:

President:               Mark Boulter     markroddboulter@gmail.com                     Members at Large

Secretary:               Mike Dillon           mike@instituteofproductivity.com               Olivier Hottlet     olivier@hottlet.be

Treasurer:               Pat McGuinness    pmcguineess@bell.net                         Chris Leftwich     cleftwich@live.co.uk

President-elect:      Ian Goulding        ian@mgapesca.com                                  Tim Hansen       timhansen.fish@gmail.com
Past President:       Carey Bonnell      Carey.Bonnell@mi.mun.ca                          Jayne Gallagher  jayne@honeyandfox.com.au

Executive Director:  John Emberley   john.emberley@gmail.com                         Ooi Kee Beng   keebeng@pensanginstitutre.org 

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