IAFI represents the world fish inspection community helping them to provide fish, seafood and associated products that are safe, of acceptable quality and readily available for sale in the global marketplace. 

The Executive Council of IAFI is:

 PresidentIan Goulding
 Past president Mark Boulter
 Secretary Mike Dillon
 Treasurer Vance McEachern
 President-elect Jayne Gallagher
 At large Olivier Hottlet
 At large Carey Bonnell
 At large Clare Swinkel
 At large Christopher Hoareau

The Board of Directors consists of a number of roles and appointments.

Regional Representatives are:

 South America Carmen Pedroza-GutiĆ©rrez
 North America Vance McEachern
 Europe Ivan Bartolo
 Asia Sirilak Suwanrangsi
 Africa Yahya Mgawe
 South Pacific Meighan Dodd

Directors at Large (without portfolio) are:

Jon Bell

Esther Garrido Gamarro

Weiwei You

Maria Manuel Gil

Kee Beng Ooi

Appointments are:

 Executive Director John Emberley
 Editor-in-Chief Mark Boulter
 Awards Director Esther Garrido Gamarro
Membership & Website Manager  John Heap
 Professor Emeritus Spencer Garrett
 Professor Emeritus Carlos dos Santos

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