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About IAFI


In September 1997, a meeting was held in Toronto, Canada to discuss the merits of establishing an international association to represent the fish inspection community. The concept was well received by the 42 participants who represented various facets of fish inspection from around the world. An interim Steering Committee was established to continue the discussions and development.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) offered to assume the coordinating role in the formation of the association.  (The CFIA is the government agency responsible for food inspection in Canada.)

CFIA began the process of incorporation of the IAFI and, at the end of February, 1999 IAFI was incorporated. A website was developed and launched to provide members with information, particularly with reference to the inaugural meeting.


IAFI’s Inaugural meeting was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 4 and 5, 1999 in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference on Fish Inspection and Quality Control. The meeting was well attended by half the membership.

An Executive Committee and a Steering Committee, representing seven zones across the world was elected by membership. The meeting also provided members with an opportunity to review, amend and adopt the By-laws of the IAFI, as well as to provide some strategic direction on how the association should be organized and further developed.

Since that inaugural meeting, IAFI has continued to operate and has continued to organize the World Seafood Congress. 


Charter and Mission

The International Association of Fish Inspectors brings together Fish Inspectors and those that have an interest in this fascinating field from different countries and backgrounds – government, the fish and seafood harvesting, processing and marketing industries, academia, public and private organizations and other diverse disciplines to provide them opportunities to:

  • Exchange information, ideas and methodologies for fish, seafood and associated products inspection, quality management and fish/seafood processing technology;
  • Foster interaction, understanding and professional collaboration among individuals, organizations and governments for the purpose of facilitating the global export and import of fish, seafood and associated products and their consumption;
  • Contribute to discussions and analysis of current fish/seafood inspection and control systems, regulatory regimes and fish/seafood processing infrastructure and suggest ways and means to improve fish, seafood and associated product quality and safety inspection and mitigate risk of fish/seafood origin consumer illness;
  • Disseminate knowledge about fish, seafood and associated products inspection and methodologies employed;
    encourage development of global fish, seafood and associated products products standards and new fish/seafood inspection systems, methodologies and technologies;
  • Promote advancement of the state-of-the-art in research and education on fish/seafood inspection and control systems and risk analysis and their integration into everyday application;
  • Provide services to its members to assist them in developing their careers as fish/seafood inspectors; and
  • Provide fish, seafood and associated product inspection, quality management and fish/seafood processing technology consultative, inspection and audit services to individuals and organizations.


    Registered address:

    International Association Of Fish Inspectors
    1568 Merivale Road, Box 225
    Nepean ON K2G 5Y7
    Phone: (613) 721-6968
    Fax: (613) 726-7778

IAFI represents the world fish inspection community helping them to provide fish, seafood and associated products that are safe, of acceptable quality and readily available for sale in the global marketplace. 

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